Born in ÇOBANBEY in 1970, Riad İSSA, a Turkoman-hanging family and member of the Syrian Turkmen Tribe;

After completing the Electrical and Electronical Department at Syria Faculty of Science, he started to work 

in the field of trade. After receiving his language training in Ankara, TÖMER in Ankara in 1990, he worked in 

more than five star hotels. Hotel in question: Selvi Hotel, Canberk Hotel, Antalya Alahaddin Hotel. RIAD İSSA 

has had a lot of commercial space because it is dominant in Arabic, Turkish, Russian and English languages. 

İSSA TEKSTİL Firması has been established. İSSA TEKSTİL Firması has been established. In this process, I did 

business with 4 business people. We have many interests in Turkey, where we love Turkey and see the time of 

the ancestor. Faraç Factory and walnut and dried nuts, especially in the field of food trade, has achieved great work.

He has been active in Turkey since 2003 and has been working for two years with investors from many Arab countries 

who have been abroad in Istanbul in 2010. He continued to work as a Middle East Officer in Estetica Organizations. 

Many Arab countries; United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Sudan Arabia, Qatar Sheikh Saud bin Jaber Altani in Istanbul, 


establishment.Abudabi Sheikh Surur Bin Muhamad Alnahyan will be held in Sapanca as a result of the talks and undertake 

the task of cable car and hotel projects.The investment adviser of the royal family; Mohamed Hamad Abdulla Almazrouei 

and his son Spend Muhammed Hamad Abdulla Almazrouei introduced Sapanca and led the way for his investments.

In 2012, Abbar Holding Chairman Khaled Hassan Rashed Alabbar, formerly a friend of Abbar Holding, has invested

in Sapanca with real estate investments. Mohamad Alhuleyli became the second largest investor after a certain time, 

and he brought it to Sapanca. In the meantime, HEND SALEM SAAD, a certain business woman in Dubai, has invested in 

Sapanca through RIAD İSSA. After hearing of his work, Nabooda Holding Khaled Khalfa Juma Alnabooda, the Chairman 

of the Board of Directors, presented his business proposals and gave Khaled Khalfa Juma Alnabooda to sign the works 

in real estate field in Sapanca. Riad İSSA and Khaled Khalfa Juma Alnaboooda has done a lot of work in the process.

In the process, many businessmen have joined the conferences. From Qatar Ali Abdulla Sa Alkharji 's investment in 

Sapanca has been the lead. Meanwhile, Qatari Economy Minister Deputy Minister Rashed Khater started to work with.

Afterwards, Qatar Energy Minister Abdullah Bin Hamed made the construction of a site and a mansion as the guesthouse 

of Qatar in Sapanca on the request of Atiyya. In 2016, he also signed works with Sheikh Hamed Khadim Butt Alhamed in 

real estate. Riad has donated to the ISSA Sapanca for what they did on the commercial side, as well as for the lack 

and needs of the schools in the district. In addition, he has sponsored Offroad Sports Club and Sapanca Youth Sports in Sapanca.